Friday, May 21, 2010


Movie nights wif gay,nightmare in elm street wasnt tht bad~deduct d blood and everything,oryte movie reviewin time!!i was a nice movie though..we do lots nd loads of assumptions revolvin around tos scene,we thought that Kriss and Jesse were d main ppl on d limelite..too bad,it was a confuse looking guy and a skinny partially cute girl who survive till d end,and obvious stupid pick up in diz movie r d freddy boy!hahah..he's a shorty guy ever!wonder how he grew that tall wen he's d nightmare!damn..we were all wrong wen we tot dat freddy boy was super innocent,frankly i start to curse d parents who being such asshole killin innocent ppl,,oh crap..he's d heinous and a fuckin demon in d show..crap!!!! *skip d curse..well diz is what happen to partially conscious girl ho just woke up frm bed and start blogging for her life..this page is now my slave,my addiction,my divine time breaker..whoa..m gonna start reviewing on vampire diaries again..over and over and over again,,cuz i had fallen in love with damon salvatore..jeez!!!he got sexy eyes..damn i'm starving!!i wanna cheese tart..blueberry cheese tart!!please~~i'm dying for tarts..and dat fruit tarts..wuaaa..reli cravin for it.. =( ..i miss vammpy..still remmber this is d time wen i accidently noe him last year..end of may..he was super funny,skyping like never missing d moments :))

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