Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Start.Class Start

Shiohhh..will be my crazy day!i hav straight 6 hour claz,damn~how convincing my eyes are !! i suppose to extend their breadth (exaggerate!)..ngeee,i hav redundant of times here,but since dat one devil claz had started so~~my bulky time kindda minimized into a bit narrow timeline..nevermind,thats better,make mysev busy..plez be busy!(so dat i can remove my soul outta shallow thinking)..okay2 i officially shield myselv wif smth,can't reli spill d private part,but my soul sister khaddra d wolfie whatsoever will be here diz afternoon..(jeez alep sounds ryte of me being girl-girl thingy)..hahaha..frankly,i hav no idea whats goin on in my life,i hav multiple superficial idiotic notion scheme..keep it very divergent!huh...(tired of diz decipher) anyway,i'm changing d color of my band into green =).juz for diz intersession..dats d thing dat makes ppl noe me,m d only one in unimas wearing dat purple band..(d one dat my mom says Vanuatu's aborigin thing)..oh yeah,my lil bro had been spamming my messages in facebook,act m fuckin bored wif fb,since i hav no stuff to take care of much bigger in my abundance ticking clock,sooo...hmmm..hav too,besides,thanx for my big boss mahaguru beb roslan,teachin me to be part of his demonic metal underling..keep givin me link for harcore song,but it were nice,seriously...hav its personal arts tho,and thanx for my friend dat keep textin me and say how much dey hav fun for the hols..heeee,thanx wey!i'm impressed and almost jealous,thanx to tammy of course~my sleeping partner..thanx to qii dat keep me being nuts and debatin all d way like no ful stop,thanx to Ayish for singing and give comments to y songwords,thanx to tirah for trying to get d melody, thanx to wifi dat work faster and thanx to d fan dat spinning like slugs and givin me bad sweating experience in rainy hours..m jovial now!get off sorrow cuz i've been ating u eversince i learn to cry..lol..whats dat??was it d ryte lines..nvm~i'm miss independent remmber?oh yea happy bday peter (perasan handsome and fake alex d lion)..haha..u're way3 old..

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