Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Sick Wen Ppl Check Me Out

Weird things happen..gez my lappy dah meroyan..1st my messenger sign in in 2 location..like wher on earth is dat!!hmm and now my yahoo messenger had been sign out because i was sign in in other computer,mmm..weird isnt it, was it me or i juz had a dubious moment here..arghhhh,but there's a bigger issue here!i hate fb!i reli rimas!!!noe wat,xphm ke i dun wanna chat,talk or messaging wif u..i wanna be alone..m sick of pick up line,,if u were to hitting on me..oh please,i dun dwell tos thing..( i juz love my vammpy!!!!he's my only sugar spice and everything nice!)m a happy go lucky person!i like talking,writing..yes i love writing!and m spending my time here cursing u..uhhh..plez la..i've been pretending d line were sucks..jeez..dats a sin already..but i reli hate to say this "please go away"..dun check me out..never check me out..okay!i dun want ppl to get to know me..i dun want okay!i hate wen ppl say m nice!i hate wen ppl say m not dat bad..please i wanna be bad..i dun want ppl to get near me..i have my girls..i have my bestie..please stranger,i just wanna be alone..dun wanna listen to questions..wht do u like to do?what do u wanna hear? cuz i like to do nothing and i'd like to hear nothing!so please..please..ryte now m bored,i just wanna laugh not listenin like dork for stupid lame questions..i reli dun give A SHIT ON LAME THING..dats all..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..i wanna scream hell loud!!and please..before i block u in my fb,damn juz go,ske hati ko la nk jdik persistent ke ape..like i care..i don't like u,not even an atom big i like u..not even an ounce in my cells say yes..i love vammpy and i'm gonna love him like forever!!!juz him..*real words frm me

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