Sunday, May 23, 2010

Plez No More Question

Imagine for d past 10 hours u keep seeing d same alphabet constructed in to line dat sounds stupid and futile to my current situation,are these ppl practically insane,diz never a part of stuff dat besiege me,trust me..wat a nutty questions dey ask...*nutty as in it me or d questions are all d same and wow diz is not in final exams so my scheme is better wif distribution of crazy lil explanations.."tpulah mke cute xde bf?"what d hell!!hello m not those girls outhere,,d question is do i need to find a bf,how desperate is dat option to me?i see a 98% of failure in makin serious thing cuz i cant simply be in dat particular domain,,and yet i still wondering does my face hav a relationship tag sumwher???weird questions..i heard those for 5 time in a day..whatever la u ppl wanna think,pasni ak senang je ckp ak widow anak 3..haaaa...dats easy!bongoklah soalan..syez i dun have anything serious going on..n i dun wanna,now time nk is problems..problems came with ache..ache came wif insanity..insanity came wif depression,depression came with constraints..constraints came with love..hahha..maybe ak xsesuai kot..its difficult to find sumone who can understand u ryte,so better understand mysev first before i able to let ppl to understand me,better make mysev happy before let ppl do it for..

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