Monday, May 24, 2010

Life And Truth

I see such brave days sunk into night thus leads a nocturnal world foremost! by Aisya,i still believe dat one day sumone will definitely tag my lines as a quote..obviously its Monday by time its 1 a.m in d morning,still in doubt whether i shall or shall not make a despair wish to d bed,my late night post usually came wif proper insanity than,*is it?? wht i saw was juz a blank imagination dat blend into "kesewelan"..roomie not around so i'm all alone in d room,exageratting in my own decipher. Every idea tht gloating in diz frontal lobe will be like bubbles dat hav a sudden pop n vanished..shud not think about complicated stuff i gez,why dun juz human being walk d life without havin so much thought on it?well how m i suppose to noe if u ask me such questions..i'm not a person who verdict life,we live in uncertainty so..neither conclusion frm anyone tells d real "whats goin on". I read a piece of word this morning on personality,,we shud learn to let things go,noe my brain i juz imagine a word HOW..dats d problem,wen we say smth d error one cud do is nvr explaining ppl come in various traits..maybe therz a reason why d how came after everything over,its us who had to figure it out how..not wanting to wait for ages for d answers..The ugly things revolves around life is truth,yes i doubt to put end to end on a phrase we called truth..well its random. Life comes with complextion and truth. Whether its tangible and visible or vice versa. I maybe not dat "senior" they say to preach about diz kindda stuff. What i see is life teach us to bleed and learn dat we shud weep and go to clinic to get rid of it..hehe..As for me,truth is d most crucial thing. Its d key to certainty. Why hide things,its like hiding yourself..ppl shud be free to be themselves..:) Everything in diz world promise a return. I noe we are all here for reasons dat god had planned for us. I'm not a person with wisdom nor repel to salvage act but its enough to know life is a gift.

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