Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Was on fon wif Ayish gedik..we'll be makin new song~weeee..i love doin diz,btw alex will teach me dat guitz thingy..hehe..i love my life..soooo full of me,okay2 tmrow will be dungeon day..emm,of coz 3 hours of claz..sungguh ak sakit pinggang nnti..haha..m not okay!!!reli not okay but m happy bcause i hav my crazy goofy friends dat cheers up up and away..forgets all d thing dat destroy my emotion..whoa..melebih plak,hmm..peter is super sengal!!!lowkey mengong..ade ke ptot bf ak mkn pn ak xde..hahaha..u guys were really funny..oh yeah..alumni diz july!!!i miss d girls..schools..and everthing dat makes me what i am now...tho..a bit disaster soon..

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