Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chant a prayer for uncle

I hate to stay on d ground wen I have futile brain~how much I wish to hav someone freq with me how much I wanna protect everyone..but I noe I just have 2 bare hands a brain and 2 legs plus one heart to breath in..i always wana protect ppl dat I love,ppl dat I care so much in diz lifetime,but sumtimes I juz forget dat I have boundaries dat god had set me up eversince I suck an oxygen to my lung back to wen I was born..only today I realize how cruel diz world are.. nothing fair in diz world (like wat deedee said)..i hate to see myself incapable of saving ppl I care..if I cud give up my lifetime to help everyone,if only I can make everyone happy..i will,,cuz for me I live my life once why not helping ppl out,dats juz a principle dat I live with since I was in high school..why world is so unfair?why give a person painful options??how I wish I can stand still next to him and sparks his much I wanted to see him happy eversince I knew him,,maybe ppl cant shade wat makes it diff wen I choose to care bout him,m d only one wif answers dat no one ever construe..i just hate to see him in d frets options,wher he has no choice at all,,if only I can cheer him up,make him be himself..i wanted to..but I just have 2 bare hand,incapable of long distance vision eyes..m not complaining god for diz but I juz wanna see people have I’ve seen a lot of catastrophe in life..i pray to god please dun let anything happen to him,,cuz m gonna loose a reason why I walk on diz earth,maybe he didn’t noe how much I care but diz time I dun mind he never know cuz I reli want him to be in d good shape,mentally and everything,..and if only I can change the world to go rectangle or square swear I’ll do it..cuz options live wif chances..*chant a prayer –oh my almighty my greatest fear,u see more den what a slaves like me can see,,forgive me for my misbehaved,my savage act.disobeying u my mighty lord is my supreme regrets,save me in diz world,save my family,save him too Allah.. make me see wif your faith make me live in ur bless,,I love my parents,my gramps,and I love him too Allah,once and for all bless my loved one,make their life easier,give them chances,cuz u’re d one with greatest power,one dat I dun have to change it myself..Amin—

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