Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sara Shut Up

Seemed like diz is d only thing I can do around in diz short vacation (I called it), outfacing, listening, watching, glaring, blogging in d ward..and boring..and tiring,I spent a few days occasionally at my lil “mulut tempayan” *malay used to called nosy kids..gosh,d best line I cud ever heard was, “jgn asyik tdo nnti tuhan ambik mate” oh gosh!!strangle might help maybe,dat lil fella reli breakin my nerve..heee,I was able to hear d pertinacious preach from her frm such wingspread, man!gimme a break tho,d only time I cud safely put my eyelid entwined was wen she’s out in school..yeah,before I totally slipped sum stuff frm my tape worm brain,I hav intersession next week..gosh~m really in serenade and so and so soo soo empathy mood..

A sigh of relieved or a sigh of a beginning for a hard time,sure will have it soon, a few days stranded around and now kindda okay with medium size font of o-k-a-y..finishing d last dvd of up and wif balloons..sortta cool but partially maybe (ahhh leave it..)..think I heard sum cluckin chicken sound out frm nowhere,gosh my hallucination had become worst eversince I knocked on my heater plug diz morning..such an asshole make me, walking like a Christmas tree in autumn~heh..lil laugh..copied frm alex d lion!i can say diz is d most annoying holiday ever!

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