Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hate Her

CELCOM line was so fucking stupid last nyte --keeping my grudge deep inside--yeah it ruin quite alot of my mud..neway forget it she text me last "cute angel" friend..ahhhh..tos story again~m so muak to listen to d same old story y xkn change whatever happen..let me complexly told u ppl diz ancient was happen on one fine day(dats what books owez ryte) betrayer!!!i was standing insulted for a day which cant even make up our friendship for 3 years y so rapat whatsoever (eeeeuwwww..puke)
I was trying very hard to tear of tos friendship thingy n best friend forever dat sounds sucks in y ears..not even salubrious :p..bluekkk..what wif the sharing thing again??????if m not mistaken or i have diaphragmatic problem in my inner ear or occipital lobe kne mkan dgn semut..or my eyes pnye brain kne spatial neglect~~she did say "tell me if u have any probs i'll be ther to listen" fuck u!the last time i heard dat was replied by a laugh because i said...ahhh forget it!
i dun need ur shoulder..u go eat ol those ur dirty fancy angel thing~~not wif me anymore
Dun try toAlign Center put nice thing on the broken mirror..if its reflect the scattered images mean it is..however u glue it ...nver gonna be the old one..instead its uglier..thats what i thought bout that little betrayer..i dun give a damn shit care on how she ride a car wif him in front of..i dun even care hell i swear i dun even care..i juz care bout the friendship thing..cuz i tot a friend is the one who supposed to share so dengki things..hahah..human is so very the different inside btw~~friends nver tell others whats wrong wif my hair,whats wrong wif me being sick,whats wrong if there are ppl care for me?????????...rse nk muntah wen i rmember...lean on my shoulder..dun care wht ppl said..u're different..hah!!!!!!!!crap...u can simply die wif those shit words..juz plez dun brag the same thing to me..i hate it..

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