Saturday, November 7, 2009


Everyday I fall in luv..much more intoxicant day after day..haih..I love my OXYGEN damn much..praying to god -plez dont take him away frm me..plez..plez-feeling yg wont stop til d day i die..
What a good day to start wif..anyway i wasnt really dat asleep cuz i dunno..i just dun feel sleepy..wht i did was reading my blog n my diary over n over again till i reach the point of hell stop it aisya its ridiculous to read ur own post!i was doing absolutely nothing n dun even listen to song since my blue sam (samsung) outta dumb i am i forgot dat my lappy got music..damn how blur ble xtdo2..i was trying to replace the vampires i gez..i was staring at my rum ceiling n the spinning org blur..syezly wasnt sleepy at ol..ckin alarm menjerit2 50times louder den d usual octave (she sleepover at my place last nite cuz wat her assgment y kindda...huuuu..dun ever hand me any of those)..My house is lepaking house i gez..heee..sungguh la..
I'm still sulking wif my dad~m i supposed to stay here ke til the next sem????gila!!!!!!!!!why AOL cannot open..stupid technology~i have to advocate not to to stop saying damn,shit.n..yada..yada..heee
i never make it to see sunrise tho cuz m in dormancy mood..hahah..nola~~..i never open my curtain..duhh..xkn nk suro blok lelaki sebelah see me?wif stupid dress code*..bodo la pembinaan college ni!why put such arrangement..???who's d engineer anyway?
*stupid dress code=smth dat u wear dat is so god..

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