Monday, November 16, 2009

Fingers nearly bled.get off frm my way

As i one ever help me to carry those bloody heavy stuff..aaaa..3rd floor man..i was so anxious at the moment~"wherz girls pnye stor?"asking half wif asthmatic possession..the guy smile widely..i remember that n i cant even hav time to think whether i shud look at him or not.!.."upstairs..."shortly..i was lyke what the fuck!!!!dala 3rd floor n i have to climb more floors..m a lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!m i?whatever loosing my patience..i gez my sclerosis getting many time i was scolded by Dr Kuben...hahahahaa...i dun care..i dun give a damn care..kalo xangkut who's gonna do dat for me????????????????????tammy..even ak y angkat dye..6 heavy stuff..dat will do..mite wreck my scapula..
Arghhh..n i have 3 fingers plastered bcoz of dat...kindda ugly la berplaster my fingers..anyway not in a good mood. I had finished studying..but seemed that smthg is missing in d notes ..i think the issue part..adoiiiiiiiii..m so gonna be dead meat...whatever it is..m tired..m sick of doing things today..i dun even sleep for the entire day..n m now feeling like eating the building block of bunga raya college..pissed off everyone..m gonna locked my door..i dun care even therz a banshee inside here..go away la..just not tonyte..cuz m too fatigue..n i dun feel like talking to ppl as get the hell outta my way..

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