Monday, November 23, 2009

Vote for Colbie-my bad day

Life is just life afterall..what makes u learn what make u grown up is life..(is it??—honestly I dunno). I bumped into Jesse Mc Cartney song…body language,sounds awesome..cuz therz a diff greeting inside. Really sounds nice..thez Spanish,French n Japanese..i wud lyke to thanx leng2 for downloading me You Got Me-Colbie Cailat n According to You…dunno who sing dat btw..tos are my latest addiction..m really a hard core fan of colbie..she play wonderful guitar..ehe..anyway..the song was reli awesome..n also suddenly happen to love Sweet Dream-Beyonce..she’z rock man!but I love You Got Me more…dat song was so sweet n salubrious..
Colbie sumtyme sounds alike Jason Mraz..the way she ate those word when she sang..reli alike somehow they are diff n I love u cannot love both!!! I chose Colbie~yeay…

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