Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Boring

I was trying to pursue ma dad for his broadband since a few days ago but he’s not around (as usual..nver gonna see him even before the dawn) yada..yada..yada..its quite boring here..n I have absolutely nothing to basketball gang isn’t around..they are all in overseas..sigh..m the one who stranded here..waiting for the second chance of going to orange county!as I expected every holiday there’s got to be smth going on..i have these 3 days heavy tummy ache~~to bad..i have to swallow those yellow and white and liquids..errrr…I hate being sick..esp at hope cuz I’m forced to eat those..and 24 hour non stop observation n a lil lecture..huh…dat will do..i dun have time to touch my lappy n even charge my phone..

Serious shit its damn boring…I was being a maniac to text ppl which I confirmed dey wont reply..hahah..absolutely 100% boring syndrome..i dun think this post gonna be as long as the prev. one cuz its not damn good around here n nothing to complain xcept being in a paranormal bored state which caused me to sleep at early n course woke up at wasn’t helping at all..n dvd was so such a disaster..i had watch those for more than 10 times last holiday..i even memorize da lines..”I am different….bla..bla..” n the glass sprang..whatever..”u gotta believe me ..he’s back!...bla..bla..”aaaaaaaaa…m so freaking crazy~

Yeah it was great m runnin outta novel to read..gotta run to mph to buy one or 2 piece of it..cuz..its gonna be a long holiday..n seem ol my friend isn’t around~~so I decided to stay dormant in my gramp house here..n boring..n no cousins around..just sarah n her niggard even helping..

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