Thursday, November 12, 2009

Statistic Paper

The exam was crude n hahha..dats oll i can comment so far..sungguhla..i was struggling remember the formula (che wahhhh..struggle la sgt)..d thing dat come out is...hahahhahaha..tu je????????langsung xde SSxySSyy????square root pn xde????n my nose kindda tsumbat cuz it rainin outside n darn d aircond were so kuat..i happen to finish answering after 50 min..but rase segan nk bgon awl to go out..matila if i screw diz paper..hopefully not la...n still sempat thinking of unbelievable lyrics..hahah..apela ak nih..
I'm so intoxicant again..sian my honey demam~~T_T..i dun mind fall for him 100 times per day..i dun mind feel breathless over n over again wen he say flattering words...m totally in luv..totally fell for him..aaaaaaaaaaa....pengakuan again!!!my oxygen~i luv u!!my life is such a mess wthout i wish i cud show him inside me y berjela2 feeling..scrolls of thought..tons of luv..haaaaaa...i nver got diz kind of feeling!!help!!!

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