Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conserve or overload

Frankly speakin' yesterday was d worst energy conservation day..i was too fatigue w/o noe-ing the reason..tho i have exam at 7p.m i was lyke a sleeping machine..serious shit i asleep d entire day..the previous nite was a disaster headache(okay my migrain attacking again..) i was trying not to pen my migrain pills for such months..haih..felt like hot shivering all over wif bloody pressed strain in my brain vessel..i was kindly asleep at 12 smthg2 till i was shaken by my text alert (agak on u song-ne-yo)..
It was a short one n i fell asleep unconditionally till i woke up n saw ckin was reading using my lappy to read statistic notes..dr mne bdak ni dtg..i was ignoring her n continue my worst eyelid problem!..sleeping!I was trying very hard to motivate mysev to get up..what i do was brush my teeth n bumped on the wrong facial wash..arhhh..n xsmpai 20 minutes i bumped on my bed again..drugs effect y melampau!
I dun even read a thing for d exams ..wht to read?????its statistic man,u cant read math,, just steps kot n formula..i rushed a lil to check on the course description n read thru some definitions..nits not even an hour passed..GREAT!!!i fell asleep again..syezly felt droop,,satire,,overtire,,,n whatsoever..
I was texting my oxygen for the past few hours but therz no respond T_T..During my stupid probation n hibernation time i can kire how many time Gee come in to ask question bout statistics..(adoh..lyke i read d entire text book~~) with head reception y moving like slugs to cernakan d data sets (smbil gosok2 mate...amek calculator n start find answer..n fell asleep again(truknye perangai...)n everytime i was sheken i text my if he receives more than 7 text mean more than 7 time la my housie comin in to ask questions...aaaaaaa....penatnye :((..
My watch show its already half past 3..i need to do smth (berkata dlm hati but still on bed..hug tammy n try to wrap my entire face wif comforter)..gila la weh..then i put a force to drive mysev up..finally..i spent almost 2 hour (tp xckup 2 hours) to go thru over my notes y berjela2..checking on the ryte adela clickin on d calculators..sakit jiwa!
Then i was uner spell again at head kindda dizzy wif neurotransmitter blasting at the action potential gate..putus fius ko aisya..I slept again n ther ckin comin in again for d 2nd time (obv i didnt hav my showieeee...hahahah)..i was tellin ckin 'ckin wake me up at 5 keh"..wua sempat lgi..syez my neck was so heavy..felt like been pressed by tons of lodge..and GREAT!!!i dun even wake up at 5 instead i was proscastinatin it to 5.30..gila la!inside rase nk jerit "phm x u have exam at 7!!!!diz isnt exam ni!"..therz a massive bang in my transmission of data sekejap..i went for shower n gone..

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