Friday, November 13, 2009

Damn bored

Damn bored!!!!!!!!!!mie n kin went to airport to send tim..this 6 pm ida’s turn..den ckin as well~~~wua..whats left here..y u guys balik..I was just comin back frm lepaking at aleng’s..i was textin her to come instead I came over to hers..eeee..dat gal..btol la sengal tulang..we spent 3 hours watching Japanese drama..(sedar x ad lg 1 paper left)..i dun giv a damn care tho----
Why la since last nyte I bumped into such gay movie..eeuuuwww “he love him”..whats dat supposed to mean..nasty barbaric..crude..geli siottttt!!!!! N last nyte pnye “she love her” what the heck..i was den feel sleepy after 3 hours melepaking wif leng2..i decided to go back to my apartment(my bed waiting~~~)..n what the hell!!i have diz stupid allergy..i’ve been bitten by smth n it cause red spot everywhere..wua..pdahal 1 je kne bite..screw la dat stupid creature..seemed like d malady(che wah…ayat nk gempak pdahal germ je kot) rse mcm d spread by blood..i hate red spot!!!!!!esp..wen it came to mosquito!!!!aaaaa…hate it..hate it..hate m sitting on half of ma bed typing diz stuff..cuz its too borink while rubbing some cream on d hell red spot..(I hav too much keboringan here)
In diz dark rum..(curtain y ak xpnah suka nk tarik)..wua..felt like sleeping smpai mggu depan..but suddenly all d sleepy thing were while typin m counting how many stripes on tammy pnye mafla …ngeeee…boringgggggggggggggggggg…so bored..too bored.. I dun wanna read smart casual nnti fell asleep..i wanna sleep but I dun feel dat I wanna sleep..therefore I shall not sleep and mite sleep later..okay m losing my lexicon!i had backache!!!!sakitt~~~huwaa…why so bored…huuuu..oxygen where are u..m stranded here..i miss u…:((..
I felt lyke eating bologonise suddenly ..sedeyhnye last nite cant make it!!!!!!blame da movie!!!now so mny food things compel in my head..nk fuds!!!!nk tdo..nk semua..-hug tammy n continue typing-

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