Monday, November 16, 2009

My Rules and Regulation since 1989

My Rules and Regulation since 1989

1. I hate people comparing me-it sounds like humiliating mment, therefore I hate is me..

2. Never make me fed up or control my patience for too long…like wait for mum shopping..arghhhh..feel like pulling my hair off

3. Hate people don’t trust me..i hate betrayers too

4. Never reload for me n never bank in money for me

5. I hate ppl reject my call!..daddy owez did dat

6. Never ask me to change into something I dun lyke… Never tell me to be graceful like a lady..

7. Dun ever gimme mayo n vege!

8. Never ask me my MUET band..ahhh crap

9. Never tell me harassment joke/sexual joke

10. I hate waiting (in term n condition) for ppl to class

11. Never wake me up frm my bed for something stupid..lyke English translating thing..duhhh

12. Never talk in Kelantan language wif me..heaven forgive me..

13. Never repeat the same thing yet people still dun get it

14. Never get into my parent stuff-dun engage me wif any of their is me

15. Hate people condemn me because I speak in English

16. Never knock my head for no purpose

17. Never tidy n clean my stuff without my permission-if u wanna see me freak out like hell..whers my socks?

18. Don’t ask me to pour HCL N HNO3 N HSO4 10 mole!i hate deal into chemicals wif high moles..corrosive!!!

19. Don’t ever call me siti..aaaaa..

20. Don’t ask me to do task dat wasn’t supposed to be mine while dat person who shud be doin it still alive.

21. Don’t ever touch my diary

22. I hate to look stupid

23. Never touch my inbox..damn inside I rarely kill u

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