Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Again I missed the sunrise..haha..i was startled n immediately grab my fon,my jaw dropped (its 12.23!!!!)..how come????rasenye i have 5 alarm clock dat snooze stupidly every 3 minute for 5 times..Tammy landed happily at d edge of ma bed~probably thinking of his lame owner y wake up very2 late(wish my teddy wont think such..)..what i remember was i was so mamai at 10 n text my oxygen i totally forgot how my eyelid was lyke sewed +++++

I looked around…pehhh..my room looked so disastrous..hurricane kah last nyte..wen it come to exam week terasa ol thing dat we hav kne campak2 here n ther..ni bru university life…heish..thinking of what mom slalu drivell

Mom :dah pkul 9 xreti2 nk bgon????


(of course tarik blanket over my head till she came in n pull away those comforter..wuaaa..kejamnye)

Honestly I miss those..

Currently thinking present for Feeyra apela nkbg.This morning(morning ke?????tgahari keh..noon..).After wake up je tros look for my oxygen…wher r u oxygen..huhu..xleh la nk stop a second..syezly miss him~we gonna be the sweetest pakcik n makcik forever (I’d tap dat..:)))

I was supposed to have 2 post last nyte..but damn to d reception n suddenly after 40 min deliberating brilliant thought ol my writing were gone..as in vanished n cannot be recovered..coz of kebengangan I was then grab my tammy n we went to bed..Punyela panjang crapping suddenly refreshed page cannot be found n no auto saving..aaaaa…meroyan jap,,What m I doin now???absolutely nothing I dunno what to study for statistic..shall I read formula??xkn xhafal..of course hafal dahtu tutorial all diz time sake bwat pki pe..(never be replace boy version song currently been spinning)..boringnye

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