Monday, November 2, 2009

My lovely oxygen

The passed few hours dat full of blooming flower(imaginasi je keh)..Currently in jovial n exhilaration state..i was asked about this blog?? m gonna post one~lol..
I was spending my past hour wif my love one (ngeee mabox2)..I was doing da stupid map drawing dat i lyke so damn much..ol da branches n those color..yeay..being half kid wasnt bad at ol tho...i have absolutely nothing to complain n to be bragged today...XCEPT for my u're eating grass...m not ruminan dat have 4 perut hokey..m a human being n i dun hav enzyme dat can digest cellulose..(izit d ryte spell?)..pity to my esofagus dat not reli dat consent to swallow those thing into boluses..heeeee...
Therz a stupid doggie out there barking for nothing..haish..gotta plug in my ears tho..pnat ak dgr bark2 xtentu hala..
Of course spending my quality critical time wif my oxygen...hehehe..therz something special in him dat make me fell to my knee(heeee ayat muchy cheesy pnoh cholestrol)..nway..i gotta continue my reading n drawing..i dun wanna flunk my exam!

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