Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Mucus Wall

This decent feeling of writing really kills me..anyway..m now in my prayer cloak~sitting on my bed..still mamai cuz effect evening nap y agak strong dwaktu begini (gosh m using bm properly lately) thanx kot to d monolog drama thing in facebook wif my sengal friends..
I was on Arabic paper diz morning (hah..great sakit perut attacking)..n spending a lilbit of my ample (ample ke?) wif my love one~...
It was quite bad cuz i gez my hydrochloric acid being spurts rapidly to my mucus wall..ngee...really hope derz nothing serious going on..while wondering my thought i gez its better to write..kindda bored,,hmmm
What a day~sigh a long way..huih..the next praying time had come..gotta back after my 15th chapter of OB kay..muax!

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