Friday, November 13, 2009


I was in doubt..i shall go or shall not…I fell asleep at 11 a.m..gosh,,n woke up at 1 have my shower n everything..still thinking whether I shall go for movie treat tonyte..I was den text my oxygen for his green lyte (cuz I noe he dun lyke me balik late) so I asked him..n great I fell asleep again..why la diz few days my life full wif sleeping thing but m alive at 3 a.m..i’m a super mitochondria or what??energy generated overload..mengalahkan chloroplast y nk wat photosynthesis…my phone rang n I almost kick it outta my bed!!!it was leng2 calling me..with havoc hurray at the back..n heard sum background vocals as well (of course ida,tim,ckin)..aaaadey all da hbes xm..mmg xbleh blah dey even called!obviously tomorrow ol those maniac wil be flyin off to peninsular balik~~

-sigh- alone la jwabnye…who’s gonna bising2 nnti???wua..y la everyone left me :((I can only do stupid jokes wif em,not others..-love u guys-(jgnla dey read my blog). It was rainin wen I get into d car wif mie n tim n everyone..(mlas nk mention name one by one)..okay..the movie was..hmm..okay..uhhh..maybe..emmm..part pling xleh blah is wen d bangle man called his girl “baby”..i was lyke..tettttttt (buzzer..)..m trying to enjoy d show..a bit bored but not bad I gez,,not lyke usual malay film dat I caught before..which make me listen to my mp4 n fell asleep on my seat..this movie was okay,juz boring la..okay kot..ntah I comment anymore,gonna be sued by Bernard (director)..

I texted oxygen (my honey my syg my everything)~yeay…gonna get lots n lots of pic..hahhaa,,but end up by getting 1 :((..n ……:(( he’ll move to UK..(felt like crying out loud non stop)..hmm..dat was,,,hmmm..uhhhh… sad :,(…we gonna be in different timeline..wher he still sleep wen I already up..n vice versa..i’ll wait for him!no matter what..cuz therz no one dat can replace one can be as good as poyo as nice as cute as gentle as one ever!!!no one can replace oxygen..dat how he can’t be replaced as well~~if therz a million guys in diz world none can be the same as my oxygen..cuz he’s different..n no one can hav such difference..he’s my beautiful nitemare~above of of all no one can complete me as he complete fits ever,he’s lyke my buttons n I’m the vessel n m d cranial n m the brain..he’s the air n m the balloon..I love him damn much!!!!!surely will wait for him!absolutely!cuz oxygen is the best!

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