Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a day~puke after meals

What a day..what a day..felt asleep wif lappy not being switch off..poor little lappy..last nyte was great..i love him more n more..infinity..lim-->infinity(mcm lm math matrix dlu2)...thanx god i found him in my life intersection..shall remain forever :))
Anyway diz is officially my 3rd day without my samsung hp..wher have u been i dunno either..n now its off..so how m i suppose to look for it..hoping for miracle~~of course mum babble blaming my hipocampus n my lousy atttitude y ske ltak brang serata pelusuk alam..(no m not)..gez cant be help..she'z rite..i never give a damn care on my stuff..lucky my mp4 owez plugged to my ear..dats y xhilang~(my mp4 is my 3rd life..huuu).Last nyte mie had selongkar ol my teritory..aleng as well~~end up wif zero conclusion..but d weird thing is dat~~how come it can be dissapear..diz isnt david blain show!
I wonder if dad posted me anything in AOL..diz stupid AOL keep saying "u got mail!!"but y not appear??????gilaa...stupid AOL...i dun wanna be scolded by him tho :((...hah forget it!!i have some more stuff to thnk off..but wherz my ticket..???m i supposed to blik berenang kah??heeeee..
By now i'm so hungry..but i vomitted after hav my meals..howh..wht a not selesa day

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