Monday, November 9, 2009

Orange County vs E.X.A.M

Get well soon~~i was spending last few hours showering myself wif broken dam in the eye..i was just so damn worried..hmm..neway..i had finished my OD revision which caused me 24 hours of effort..(tp still tdo smlm till 1 a.m)..
That was a long chapter to go thru..finally the 17th can breath a lil..but den the fear of case study haunting again,,what the hell m i suppose to crap in dat blank paper?????
So many intervention in the list..HRM..Human Based Process..Strategic..Technostuctural..Sociotech..wuaaa..praying so hard i can do this..or m gonna cry on those piling up questions..great 8 m i suppose to finish on time..aaaaa..gila la final exam ni..10 hour to go before the xm starts..night exam can be practically drowsy one..i bet i'm gonna yawn alot(tu pn if hall xsejuk cm gler)...prepare for my winter gloves (one dat i suppose to wear to...hmmm..long story)
Whatever it is i still gonna get rid of it tho..freezing ke,shaking,shivering,trembling..hopefully vicky xwat soalan susah..mmg m gonna cry after de paper..(u promised u wont cry just berkabong jela)
For the god sake m scared!!!!exam ni..why la..why exam??????????????
I need to get 1st class honor if i wanna book a ticket to BERKELEY CALIFORNIA..m coming orange county..i have to go..i must go..supposed to go..crucial to lifetime promise to myself!!!why la ak obsess sgt ngan orange county..huhu..

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