Sunday, November 15, 2009

I just wish I’m not fussy,

Quite a sturdy day..i woke up grab my novels ,packin my stuff n went for shower~I dun remember how I can fall asleep last nyte..tired melayan perut yg mengada2!man I found stuff dat I’ve been looking for slame ni~mmg la my room is such a mess..diz morning it looked like a katrina sweep all my clean n my lunch were sucks..(again)

I bet I have emotion confusion today,m sorry if I ever done any massive fault,m sorry if I ever torn u~smtimes things around us just happen to revolve so weird till u feel like u lost in the middle of u don’t even noe what it is..i noe m a to change it??help~it ruining my life,I dunno if I can use feeyra words..m gonna change one day,it just not the time yet..”dun worry”..i am worry!!!!!feyyy if I’m not change the entire world gonna put the blame on me..

I wonder why things wasn’t as easy as ABC..but learn abc dlu time kecik2 pn painful gak..gonna be tornadoed by kindergarten teacher..haih..what to do..what to do…nothing easy in this world..things always revolving n we cant resist the fact on being on the bottom..n juz hoping it isn’t forever on the ground..

I juz think m a complete dork dreamer..moving aisya..its not gonna lead u anywhere wif juz dreamin..what happen to ORANGE COUNTY??…I shall or shall not dreaming???..ther still dreams.. whether yes or no…

I just wish I’m not fussy,why have to clean a cup twice tho it had been washed?why have to complain whether they put mayo o not?why complain whether the sauce is too many n too little..why have to complain therz so many vege in the foods??why have to brag to the waitress dat the drinks is awful..why have to put tissues on the seat??why have more longer order than anyone else with no this and that..make sure this and that..why cannot eat certain fuds?juz hoping I wasn’t that fuss..wonder what the hell wrong wif me..odd..weird..fussy..snubbish..whatelse?I JUST HATE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!what so good bout me???????????????????

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