Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prank the Frank but not me..blur juz woke up

Huh..the text i received just now makin me confuse even more. Adakah ak dah kne prank?texture n arrangement of word mmg similar..but then too lazy too think tho..she salah send text kot n ther r more den 1 way of arranging words n its not weird to puy y at d end of word wif i..hopefully m not being pranked~dgn segala kemamaian n ke blur-an cuz i just WOKE UP FROM EVE NAP..i was lyke..whatever..ak nk terlampau diz eve n tummy ache y cm sengl tho i eat alot..perhaps stop eating will do..
say hell fuckin dumb to my tummy..caused me to crawl at 3 a.m..pahal la perut ku ni?!!Currently sitting on bad thinking of way finishing those piling up notes..heaven or hell its 17 chapter..i can do this i had finished covering more than half~spirit aisya..spirit...spirit..(mmg ak still blur lg). Not even a way come out~after tmmorow i'll definitely burn tose stupid notes (heeee blaja xikhlas!troknye)..kay2 i keep those notes in da box..sounds better! is my 1st day without my wristband y i had wear for more than 7 years..felt empty la my wrist..m trying..m trying..jgn buka dat box..ders plenty of band inside dun make me grab one n slip it in the rite place again~xmo..xmo..mum shud be proud she had been telling me to take off those nonsense since i was form one..and today i take it off!-mom look!!!-
shall i wear my PMR present after removing those bands (xmo!!!tooo ladiez..eeee..m breaking my princple)..n i eat vege today..just sehelai..oh my god..sungguh xsedap n i felt lyke a cow..(paranoid thadap green thing)..pahal ak blur sgt diz eve??????never mind just dun continue sleep cuz its gonna drive u nuts..anyway gotta go for shower (i miss him badly)..

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