Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The 9th November

Haaa.. I wonder why the word love romantic come out dkat tab atas ni..hahah-malunye-…anyway..finally I be able to merajinkan dri to switch on my lappy (syezly malas actually) but m damn bored..i was staring at the spinning fan for more than half an hour without concise purpose..(currently spinning the Saturday song). What happen the entire day????

Something dat make me wanna bang my head few times but I wish it wouldn’t wane..m in such a love drunk!!love palsy..lovesick..loveflu..segala macam la!-what a decent confession tho- Noe what all this time sake I was so resistant to things that we all called love..those ppl were ryte, u will never noe love unless u on it..nahhh..i was super struck by cupid arrow from 360 degree..gosh exaggerating again~~sungguhla ak da terminum guava juice ngan tetrachlorometane..

I was smiling for the entire day..i was just snatch my compact mirror OMG I hav pimple!!!!lucky its not visible..hahaha..anyway my exams was so “great”..as in great which look so great and I felt dat it was great..arghhh stupid tongue twister..yeah ryte I was spending my last 48 hour with 3 hour sleep to read d entire thread. However y msok mmg la 3 chapter je!WTH..(jgn merungut please)..mmg m so gonna hate Technostructural intervention forever…sampai hati miss Vicky~~sob..sob..and as usual I was stiffened in the hall dat really shuffle my mortality..bukan stakat shuffle je..blood vessel dah rase mengecut ngan hebatnye..poor my pulmonary vein xdpt nk send oxygenated blood throughout…heee..n disebabkan dat blood xsmpai otak impulse ak rase cm relay lme kat parietal lobe~~4 characteristic dat I read repetitiously xjugak sampai2 frontal lobe..n bcoz my blood vein pumping siput-ly n O2 begitu lmbat sekali therefore terjadilah yawning event..Dr Sophian y ulang alik 50 times beside me said “wahhh relax eh..”..i was lyke..what????m digging my brain ni literary Dr xnmpak ke???lol..syez sleepy esp after d clock strike 10p.m..(just berdoa kpada tuhan kuarkan ak dr hall ini segera) but question characteristic y cm bengong tu eeee…obviously my brain suddenly jdi malfunction..hahah..i was doing so many style dah within de 3 hours..so pasni I can write book “10 ways to sit in examination hall to compel idea frm ur tiny brain”…Finally the aircond were off..fuhhh..(menjerit dalam hati thanxx..tau pn off!) heishhh…

Times up!yeay!!!!heaven I can get hell of mysev out..yalah outside my classmate were.. “Mesti aisya dpt jwb kan…””sy tgok kamu dlm hall td mcm senang je jwb…”…yelah sgt..(dlm hti berkata again…gila ape soalan susa dat way..yelah boleh la sgttttt)..laughing to mysev huhu...

Above of all I love my OXYGEN more n more n more n more infinity

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