Friday, November 6, 2009

Today's TEST

My first core subject test today~~haih..what a shallow moment!obviously one word DAMN!the test was so fuckin complex..i juz cant hesitate from cursing while my hand moving thru those white sheets..arggh..decent..decent..I was spending my leftover time to study last nite n yet..i feel lyke hell dumb looking on those bloody susah QUESTION..2 case study was super enav to make me screaming in the xm hall..7 essays n each carry 10 mark what the hell (i wote that on question paper..ngee)
to add up the point,the hall was so lyke winter season in europe,hah!i was trembling n shivering n cant even continue my writing cuz its tooooo damn cold n chilly n freezing n whatsoever,xbleh ke the technician lowered the temp..sengal btol..haih..n wallah..i didnt make it to the time n most my ans was so menggoreng..
I'm so tired today n m so tired doing things let m just get out frm this crowding world to my dreamland~wher i cud dream of killing people,wher i cud jump n breath without suffocate..the dream is such a precious gift as if for me..worth than thousand dollars.. Sometimes it make u feel good when u have dream..things that u wish for (lyke dreaming being in Tulips garden in holland)...
Ppl should appreciate dream..but its not the reason for u not to wake up either..Sometimes in real world u feel so disastrous lyke u wanna run to another planet to live wif those creepy plantae n weird aliens..(exist ke?)who cares wif dream no one can stop one noe what u dream of (unless smone stupid read ur diary..fuck!) i sound like miss Phill junior

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