Saturday, November 7, 2009


Still yawning tho I had spent more den half an hour in the shower..just staring at those bottles..huh..thanx to oygen for wakin me up i almost end up waking up at midnite (xmau..nnti saket kepala!so wake up now)..well lucky i checked my exam table again juz its not statistic paper diz monday but!!!!!its OD(gosh i hate diz paper among ol d paper..der will be case study again!)..its a final year subject tho..just wondering y we have to take this subject..the course description didnt even mention it..such a hard press moment tol~
Tonight gotta do some ol out thing~more efforts aisya..more n more n more..till my brain my eye my hand my leg my tammy become futile (errr is tammy included as well)..Again ther will be so many theory..xterkira banyaknye..heeee..sacked la my brain wif those stupid old philosopher wordy..eee..xskenye!!!why la i take this course y not amek chemist or tesl (thing i good at)...but i love being CEO tho..hahah..power..empowerment span control...huuuu..just cant bare wif the theoritical fact y panjang mcm surat watikah perlantikan prime minister..(ala thing dat dey read in istana kot)...
Suddenly felt hungry...lalalala..nk g dinner jap..daaa..c ya tmmrow electronic

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