Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lovesick and Everything

Lately I kindda lost my mind~~I wonder how can I fall for someone so many times..every second that goes to minutes to hours to days to weeks to month to years perhaps…just cant stop mysev from this lovelorn..this love story had became more then romeo n Juliet once had (what a love parabolic hypertension..lol)..juz make sure m not being hypochondriac ..

Who am I to talk bout love anyway..tho I juz knew it for a short time but I can say its wonderful n I just dun wanna get away from it -pray to god..let me be wif oxygen-

This matter is so unexplain~lots of thing remain in riddles..aaaaa..what the hell m I talking about..cant believe m actually wrting this thing on my blog..but believe me for the god sake I feel like telling the entire world how much I fall for him..love him..miss him..aaaaaa..aisya’s outta her head..what have this love done to me..those love song that I never bumped before had been my favs..those things that I never dreamt before had been apart of my soul~~Tammy plez bang my head on the table or smth..i need my sweetheart badly..my oxygen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(can u hear me..??????i’m screamin to u now…..i said that I love u..)huwaaaaaa…m insane agaknye today..when glucose level pop out xtentu pasal nila jadinye..n I gez my cholesterol level da smpai thap dun eat any cheese~~mushy!aaaaa…mushy!corny!mushy!the miss-him oxygen level in under paranormal level..seee..m now officially lovesick!

Neway m goin back to my hometown~finally after 2 month struggling with low motivation level plus deterioration of health..creepy semester! Surely diz eve my mom gonna ask “why berplaster2 ni..ade kne buat bangunan ke?”hahahah..mom!it doesn’t mean bwat bgunan bru kne pki plaster..wua…tonyte I wanna eat a lot..alot n a lot of fuds..bologonise,indulgence,prawn curry,white chine porridge,sausage with baked beans,nasi lemak,everything..everything.. m coming!!!!yeay staying at gramp old house was so gonna be fun..tho granny da xde..but I miss her..she’s da one who teach me how to ride a bike cuz m such a worst cycler …remember when she cook for me..force me to take care of my nail..wait for me after upsr result out (look nenek I got 5A)..she laughed unconditionally..n funny things wen she didn’t wear her specs..i owez got duit raya lebih n more pocket money...n remember wen do picnic together..hehe..:,((.i miss her so much~~:(..tho I can’t make it to see her on her funeral I still love her(too bad..cuz m the closest)..(thanx gramp for taking care of me for 16 years..) my her soul remain in the faith one..amin..i dun wanna cry..:((..

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