Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Confession of a USELESS girl

Climbing too fast n forget the ground wher i use to stand. Thats sounds like smth big. I dunno how..why..when..what..is dat a lexicon. I was extremely in guilty mood. When we take things for granted there are few stuff will turn upside down.
Too much steps till ur leg cripple wif each other..firstly i dunno to whom i shud brag diz but i really wanna say sorry..i really mean it..i really wont do it on purpose..blame my hippocampus. This is wht feeyra owez complain n mum always complain. You remember thngs bout other but u forget bout urself..this wasnt reli read by ppl..huh..never mind,dats better..
Everything i did reli wasnt on purpose n i dunno d rite word to xplain..but i hate my past,reli hate it,dats my 2nd fault,ur past shud be place wher u learn but u simply forget it...
telling the truth can be painful smetime but it makes u feel better. Tho ppl wont accept ur xcuse but den dats reli make things feel better in me..at least telling d truth is good.
What make d difference between time tu n now..i dunno either..just mulot ni xspill everything dlu but now it starts to spill everything..
For the god sake i really feel bad for making him think dat way. I had enough causing trouble to his brain (m so bad m i)..m trying to be the good gf but i make him feel bad. m such a tiny germ y menyusahkan..sorry so badly..
He's d reason i have this beautiful dream. Have my spirit to study. Dats make him special n i dun care fall so many times for him. I dun care m going down wif him wen he feels so.I'm willing to share thing dat i never share wif ppl wif him. Dats make him so special~How i wish i cud spent every oxygen for him.That makes d difference between dlu n now..m fear of loosing him,thers alot of his name in my brain stem...i wish i have an entire nite for d rest of my life wif him..i share thing dat i never told ppl..sit next to him n do the talking non-stop~he's more den everything dat i hav in diz world (i bet he didnt noe)
I dunno how can i xplain how important he is in my life,till i cant even get my sleep wen i worry bout him~n now i make him feel bad..m sorry..really sorry..(sorry wasnt enough wasnt it)..i noe it never be enough.if i have to give up my entire life for him pn i do willing to make up my mistake..he's d only thng dat i have..y i tell thngs more den i wht i tell my frenz...feel like screamin hell loud i love you!!...m such a bad person!!!he's so warm n nice to me..i make him feel bad,,dats y god punish me for owez not being so happy..m such a bad person i hurt one dat i love so much!tp xberani..cuz maybe he's so disspointed at me..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......:((..aisya jahat!

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