Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Childhood !

Sometimes you felt that you're so close with your dream,,like you can smell the savory color in a wingspread but sometimes there were just too many images and its overlapping each other. In the the vision that we captured was blur. Let me share something about dream, as it can come in many ways. At some point you don't even know that you're dreaming (how's that??). This peculiar thing that we called dream can be real if we knew the secret of making it real but ultimately not all of them can step their feet in your life. There still some..some that waiting to be unveiled. (Pffft start to be corny again). I'm pretty sure every childhood life happen to be different. As for mine, its not different but weird instead. When you're young the biggest possibility of you having your own circle is big. Afterall, kids are those who fond to make friends. You know why?Because when you're just an innocent toddler you still don't know complicated reasoning. You don't have to worry about human being honesty, sincererity and you don't have to bother the term strangers. It was like your world is a plain canvas with never a dark spot and you have fun coloring it. Until you grow up and found out the plain canvas was filled with almost everything and thats the starts of misery.

However, its not d time to talk bout misery,,I wanna talk about my weird childhood that color my life..lol..I was really ethusiastic bout writing and books. I started writing my first poem when I was 7 and my first english book was when I was 3 years old. I love books damn much but I wasn't really into my study thing. I love exploring the unknowns ..weird ain't it..but i love reading..

Hey gotta go 1st...work waiting...

This is my recent activity..wandering in KL city wiv my girlfriends (photo taken by ima at May Tower Residence)

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