Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Mess With Novel Lover

The effervescent of reading novels had been running in my vein since I was a little me. Do you know the feeling of getting into the power of words? Its amusing, novels taught me how to imagine things without seeing it. There were points where you just couldn't wait to flip to next pages and there's a vibes of emotional engagement with the storyline. As for me, thriller & horror will always be my prime choice. Once you flip d first page you won't be able to get up anymore because d churning of getting to d end. (like I skipped meals for novels). However, I realized that not everyone can bare sitting and staring at the 10 point fonts even for 5 minutes. I remembered d last time I talked to someone from d bus station, and dat person kindda annoyed me because he talked non-stop bout things dat only on his sides of interest. I was just cursing inside my head wishing d brag cud stop just for once. Just imagine, he talked about nonsense way of sitting and how you should treat your feet in lukewarm water which happened to be in plastic basin only. Urgh..1 hours for that, I'm sorry d next day I stepped out from dat bus station and avoided his daffy speeches. Afterall he's a stranger and I prayed to god please make him stay away frm me.

The thing dat make me furious is that, at that time I was half way reading my "Twisted Wing-Ruth Newman" and d guy asked me "Best sangat ke baca buku cerita macam itu?". What he was trying to say is that what so good about reading that kind of books and he started to brag bout facts and everything. I told him, this is my passion, it gave me the sense of excitement and I can tell you that my home now is like a mini library, Ken Follet, Sidney Sheldon, Peter James, Keith, Steig Larson..etc they all sat happily on the bookshelves. Suddenly my adrenaline started to kick with fury as he said those books doesn't expose any moral values. That was the most idiotic and sophomoric statement I ever heard. It was rather shallow and he claimed that its better to read motivational books. Name me any motivational books?? C'mon I read Tony Buzan's, Chicken Soup For The Soul, I'm OK you're OK..(that was d lame move of a stranger, when you dunno ppl just don't brag too much)..I was laughing hard inside my intestine knowing that "you just don't know me".

I tell him what, the reason people writes because there are people who reads. The reason why they create such storyline because they want to get readers to imagine and if he wants moral of the story I tell yeh, only real readers can pick up things to learn. That's why I said earlier, I learnt through novels. I guess just don't mess with novels lover because we care bout what we like. We think what we do is awesome!

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