Friday, July 29, 2011

I miss him to death

That was rather controversial title but ultimately, yes I do. Lemme tell you a piece of my mind about him. The person that I can stand for years with, tho he's away somewhere across d globe but he seems close to something in my chest (we call it heart). Its like singing Jessica Jarrel song and that Bieber boy "so crazy is this thing we called love, now that we got it we just cnt give up"..hahah..sound too epic, to mushy corny cheesy cholestrol !!! Tell you what, today I feel like I miss him to death and eventually I feel like I wanna hear his guitar string playing song and his annoying questions like "do i care" that left some mark inside here (pointing to my lil amygdala) Seriously, when he's being awesome,I'm jealous wiv him. Every minutes dat he spent being awesome outthere, doing cool things I'm just glad and proud. (like going for social work and travel ain't it)..Those minutes turn up to be the moment that I wanted to have everyday.

Its been awhile since I've heard frm him and I just wish him to come back home and rockin my day again. Even tho if I were to be called slow for downloading his fav songs and I love to answer back to him annoyingly , thats the moment I love d most. When he's Chucky d blur and terrifying innocent, to a complete uncle who's maturity taught me bout life and to an insane grandpa who gonna nag and being "poyo" bout some things. It turn up to be the best thing I ever think of..(I'm so dead if he read XXXXX...I exposed you a bit).. quick, leave Cambodia already..I'm kindda bored and almost a dead zombie here,,huhu..Someone across d globe!

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