Saturday, June 18, 2011

Working Life May to June so far

HEY ALL!! seriously I've been as busy as ever. Offices work & everything make my world goes upside down and even back ad forth for a while. I miss blogging like super alot. Life has to go on no matter what happen. Even when you only have half life, you still gotta breathe easy with it (even if its not easy). Okay, I'm in workin life now, so most of my time I spent drilling ideas for training and I need to figure it out the missing pieces that my manager told me. I'm sticking out things together. Have you ever feel so helpless and you don't understand anything that the person said to you. You just stared but your mind wonder in the other world. "Loosing concentration" that happen because your mind is fully concentrated with thoughts..non-job related thoughts. Swear to god it kills.
That's what happen in daily life, you have tons of things, ultimately it switch on your mental disabilities. Sometimes, its funny when your manager said things and you cant figure it out any single thing that she said..its laughable. You have to frown millions time for the key words. Its totally different when I was in school. I understand what they say and I can do it. Seriously m in a big trouble. I hope my friend were doin okay..I miss the good old day. I miss Kuching! I feel like the piece of peace that I got in the past was from tht place. Here, back in KL you have 24 hour traffics. You feel like you wanna die when you sit for quite sumtime in the car waiting the traffic to be normal. Just praying, and it will never hppen..and everyday my best friend is Starbuck. Americano & Cream chips are my bestie here.
Worst come to worst when I loose track of "Chucky"...Shud I go to England???Hunt him down????I'm on a rocking ship..

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