Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Towards the last day in CAMPUS

Its not a hateful week after all, lol..changed of perception. Thanks to chucky, seriously i like his voice, diz time around i really2 like them :)..he played guitar very well. Pls god dun make me fall for him twice..hehe..if i cud have d whole nite just to listen to his singing, pls i rather not sleeping..thanks chucky, i love you damn much!thanks to mie too for loaning me her broadband. Yeah, I was supposed to buy one but, reckless me and my silly obsession over esprit..i've used it. I dun remember much bout how d money can be vanished frm my pocket. My piece of brain just cudnt let me think about it i gez..hahah..
I have 4 days to go before permanently leaving this school (university). Sad but i have to leave..for good. To my friends dat i known all ths time sake, u guys were awesome, to dewi , irene, deb, khad, marthya..u guys make me gay!!thanks to u i forget d time i need to cry cuz u guys gimme bunch of mirth. Thanks to mie, tim, aleng, kin and ida..for being marvellous to me, u huys are sewel forever :) thanks to Honda Getz for driving me to classes and givin me shelter for rainy day and taking me berfoya2 too..:D Thanks to my uni for giving me d best experience ever in my life. This is d last thing dat i wanna forget if i have to choose. Thinking bout those crazy 3 years, seriously i cudnt believe it has end. Climbing 3rd floors were just routine, going for jogging and stalking ashton and the foods. Tho it was rather stupid but, dats wat left in my temporal and frontal lobe. The defnition of fun.

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