Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whatever You WAS a friend

Hey suppp...diz cud be d most hateful week ever. Seriously I dun wanna start braggin bout d nonsense. Somebody just poke my nerve anyway. She said

if u really care, u wouldn't have done or say such things. i thought that's how friendship works. don't just ignore everything when u know that it'll hurt others' feelings. I've seen enough my friend. u're doing it purposely. not to say that i'm d "good guy" here..just to let u know that i don't see any reasons why i deserved to be treated that way.
April 27 at 10:45pm

Well, dunno if i missed smth, but being a girl really complex. You need to think more than twice whether ur friends really did it purposely or not. My say is...if I were her, I'll let it go. How do u define maturity if u urself pretend dat ur friend does not exist and purposely make us look bad in social networking site. Dat was dumb jock (xcuse me for using it on girl). Honestly, m not a mean person but wen it come to this dozens of questions pop out in my head. I dun feel like looking at her face after all. She who thinks she value friendship dat much (i supposed) probably got smth wrong in her mind. A lil misunderstanding had spread into bigger cut wen her strangers friend mocking us. What was dat? matured? I dun think so, dat was rather being an asshole. I wasn't a bitch until d day she declare us (and me) as a bitch and bastards. Frankly, does she noe dat those dirty words was outta date. *shame!
Sometimes god gives us one brain because He know dat one brain had caused enough mess. I suggest she who declare herself victimized by bitches to use her brain. Frankly she need to learn self control. We never insult her in public as much as what she did to us and still dey wanted to call themselves matured??whoaa round applause. I was wrong judging d outer n inner of a book i guess. Perhaps its better to stop looking at the surface. Cmon you ain't no in masquerade party. You are d shallow retard thinker. Who never thought bout your deed over ppl. One who never being so thankful for all d friendship dat she had. She'd d one who never value hard time together. Sorry to say, you had wound my respect. I've seen enough too.
Especially when we all tolerate whatever she wanted to and she gave us shit start insulting us in public. No remorse knowing you but a remorse because you've shown ur color a bit late.
To friends outthere, appreciate your friend. Dun hesitate to ask why and seek for explanation. Dun just bluntly putting serious accusation. Seriously, I've started to loose respect to those friend of hers. They never know us and they will never were. Person like dat fit to be mousey on d ceiling or cockroaches clan. Spread ur diseases away! You're just a weird dumbass

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