Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boys Prefer Silence?

I just have 5 minutes starting from now! LOL,,actually I was browsing the web yesterday and i came across a blog saying bout "Why boys prefer silence". I found that the topic kindda paused me on my sit. I have to agree when they said its not that silence always directing towards negative thing. Perhaps in some part it can be yes. I just think that human are all creative creation of God. We have trillions and zillions personality in this world. Despite of segregating two gender , people tend to see things generally. (pardon me if you dont judge people based on general traits). When we're talking bout boys, i just think they are build up with no to call stony but high sense of self regard. It is rather common in them because they were traditionally a bread-winner. I noe sometimes it can be very exasperatin' dealing with people with too much self-regard. Toward certain large extent these people need to learn to be a lil bit more sensitive of teir sorrounding. I really don't blame them cuz it has been something that embedded in them eversince jurassic day I guess. Above of all, what I think we can do is, show some respect if they prefer silence. Sometimes its their sober moment or anything. Just let them be, and I'm not freaking out if the guy that I love not to be like what I wanted them to be. Afterall, I can't expect them to do things beyond their will knowing that they also bare certain things bout me. Just a note to everyone, think about what you have, what have you done and think how people bare with you. If you see things start to be unequal then maybe you cn make your move. Just an opinion for me, we can never change the world to be flat just be in it and mk use of every moment we have. Same goes with your love one. I only have one Chucky the blur, the annoying, the cheerful , he's too far to be reach but I learn to learn certain things. :)

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