Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy Folks

Just realize that in this world we have to beware, don't ever trust your own shadow. ROFL epic isn't it. Here's thing, I came across something dat pinch me really bad. It will leave bruises somehow and I just think its the most ridiculous things ever. I need a break really, from all of those people who bounded themselves with jealousy and envious objective. I thought married people are wise enough to be in adulthood. Scary when you know they have new habits called, spreading rumors and talking mean. I dun even know what was that for. Seems like they've got too little in their hand that they start to look for a business in other people. How cheap was that. The main issue today is "hiring". Think I'm lucky enough to work where am I now and please I'm not getting help from any of my relatives for being what I am today. They deserve respects so I gave them but what I can assure what I got from them on my side were creepy bad alphabets. I'm am pleased to see them showing their true color even though I've seen it for YEARS. Just pray to god one day they'll change but appraently NOT. 
I just need to clarify certain thing in our hiring /recruitment process. We never do favoritism or even gender discrimination. Please bare in mind that office attire is something decent but not SEXY. I never know that our national outfit (Baju Kurung) categorized under "little piece of fabric". I really got no time to teach people who don't wanna learn to create peace and always hunger for war. When I'm being sexy I'll show them so that their eyeball will fall off one by one. I have no idea how these shortminded people get their aspiration. Probably through their moronic folks. They may laugh now but I can laugh louder. Like cmon, I dont even care what shirts they're wearing, cars dat they drove or even how much cash that theyearn. When it come to me everything matter like I'm so IMPORTANT (uuuu...awesome). Even a dumb ass can differentiate how being good and how is real good. I don't think preaches were enough to make themselves to be called saints. Trust me, they're even worst than a criminal. I am pissed with you people for telling me sick grandmother story and affecting everybody. I'm delighted to dare you to confront me face to face. Behind curtain is so not my style. I'm happy to give rebuttals. The first and last thing that I know is they don't give me a penny to make a life. They have to pay for whatever they have said. Crazy folks!

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