Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sugar Glider

Around 9 a.m today I officially talked to a Chinese girl frm FEB (fculty of economic n business), surprisingly asking her bout financial analysis ! terrific :) I had started a social contact. Developing more communication skill is basically crucial for me. Well, I have problems chatting wiv someone i barely know. This is a good kick start for me. The motto of the day "EXPAND YOUR SOCIAL WEB" . Actually I have diz assignment on cost benefit analysis, i swear d laptop saw me pulling hair doing budget and investment return. Obviously m an HR with totally zero knowledge on finance and investment whatsoever. So, yesterday I went through couple of finance books which ended up futile. It was a good attempt tho but, with complex jargon, I can die drooling on d text book. Seriously, studying is tough :( (specifically finance). Again, today, I invest my time wandering d beauty of numbers for my project proposal. I want it to be perfect, like when ppl read our report they'll say, ths is comprehensive. Hmm..anyone wiv finance and investment background are welcomed to help me :)

Here come d best part, I had fallinlove with a baby sugar glider. It was so small, innocent and deserve a 24 hour hugs. I wanna have one. For d past 48 hours I had an argument wiv my roomie,because she said dat cute thing look like mousey..euwww no no no..its cute and its not mousey, Its a marsupial !! :0 Gotta wait till m home and settle down on my 1st week of intern then m gonna buy one. I prepared a name for my lil pumpkin "ZIFFY" ziffy junior will be my best partner ever! :) so do ziffy have couples of names before, 1st Rufus, but "someone" said "xbest" so I changed to Pixie..I thought pixie will be a great name but, i think she will end up being too bitchy and extremely gedik. So I said to "Mr Ziffy Senior" m gonna named it after you..ther, d word ZIFFY just pop out in my brain :) The history of Ziffy's name. Seriously its cute, I'll buy d sleeping pouch and jog her around (since I love jogging) Weeeeee..Cute thing, wait for me, I'm buying you baby!

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