Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fired Up

Endless due date + workload + depression = Insanity
Insanity/Love =Life is awesome

Its a few days off I gave for myself to diz blog. As usual, stuff and assignment that act like a sulfuric acid poured on my brain. Swear to god it was hectic. So, d first thing to do is sort mysev out, tho i feel like wearing my pants on my head. You see sumtime wen you're too busy working out ur stuff u even forget to do laundry and fix ur bed. Its like, wake up in d morning run for shower go to morning class, do assignment and stay up till 5 am in d morning (if necessary) and u keep on doing d same thing d next day.

Still, to everyone or to anyone lemme tell ya, how busy you're, dun ever skip meals! :) generate your power since u know u'll overused it. Currently m on weight-gain scheme. Yesterday, I bumped into my girl mates in matrix, guess what was d first word she used on me?'re getting skinny. Am I reli dat petite??jeez!!!okay frm now on m gonna eat alot (as cited in Mr hunky speech, 2011).

Lately i feel like my heart and my soul wandering across d globe :) totally miss him. Miles are just numbers...whats important is.... :)

This week, m running outta ATP cuz my mitochondria seemed flaccid for overload Kerb cycles. So I need to fired up!!!I need more fuel. lol

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