Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bloody Crap

Here come Sunday again. Frankly, my life is kindda on a tip of iceberg. Talking bout overdue and the undone...(tears of blood starts to drip). The word "tons" dun really come out bizarre since i've been repetitiously consuming endless efforts. Why the hell d work still coming in. I've blocked d door wiv protective seal..i dun wanna do any of those job anymore! seriously, i feel like throwing all d paper down d stream. Oh any alien pls eat my homework. My total accumulation of brain damage and residue of retarded-ness had exceed my max limit. I'm gonna be doomed!!! I hate doing diz paper thing anymore!!!! Crap work..crap assignment, dats all just crap things. Suddenly assignment make u feel more stupid than ever. I thought course work helps for better understanding. S*** understanding a company doesn't seem harmful but what if we have 4 organization. You're talking bout internal issues man!!!I'm fed up wiv stupid assignments related to organization intervention whatsoever. Its bloody stressful.

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