Sunday, March 13, 2011

Explaining The Weekend

Meow meow meow..okay, lets not do diz in front of "atok hunky". That person hates cat :). Whatta introduction i gave to y'll. :,( basically it so T.I.R.I.N.G...I had tons of of business still remain unfinished (wiv exclamation point) !!!!! I think there started to be sum bump and hump around my neck. I get so obsessed with my final year project. Okay people who says its easy to graduate??? K.M.A (diz is quite dirty..kiss ## ####) its horrific, you gonna have to burn ur eyeball in front of SPSS and excel plus, its gonna be so bothersome when d data u keyed in messing around about one or two. The whole thing will turn into disaster. I hope my internship cmpany doesn't read diz blog. Yeah ryte m so obsessed with SPSS (literary for hatred). I'm on ninth stage, where 1) getting a topic 2) looking for variables 3)creeping for literature review 4)choosing samples 5) designing items 6) supervisors says and evaluators stakes through your hearts (Presentations) 7) calling companies 8) collecting data 9) computing data! I cud have sum wholesome meals at a decent restaurant in 4 month from now and still thinking bout how freaky it was when I was a students. Jeez (no remorse)

If people still wondering what did a prick like do on weekend lemme tell yeh. This is my weekend, writing in blogs, doing SPSS, looking for bok in library bookshelves and end up freezing and get sum extreme urge to pee. :D This weekend I hav barbeque with uncle and aunts (compulsory), i have a night sleepover and 20 hours of giggling wiv my lil girl -pumpkin peanut butter- cousin (najwa). Of course I have to play with d dolls and watching tv. Last nite I let my lappy switched on with SHREK Forever After till morning. I fell asleep like a polar bear. Also I was hoping that college WIFI didn't act stingy and shitty. Seriously, I can go vile wiv the internet connection. Urgh damn! i shud've grab sum broadband wen I was back to peninsular last week. I wanna text wiv someone across d globe (atok). I tell you what wireless connection, m talking to you wireless connection! I miss him!! (gez m a bit insane for talking to wireless connection) Now I feel like dying and for d god sake I imagine myself stranded in the oasis. Afterall it an awesome weekend. Since my gugu gay girls are up to something next week so, here I am. And yeah, we have carnival in college The BRC Carnival. Unless they invited the script or kina grannis then only m eager to jump off d floor to d carnival. Otherwise, foods are my point of interest.

Song of the week: Back to December-Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars-Marry You, Heart Aint Brain-Chris Brown,Valentine-Kina Grannis-Valentine

New Song of the week-checkout My Chemical Romance, The Ready Set, Neyo ft Pitbull

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