Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back In Town

“Back in town! My beloved Selangor, here I come!” Despite of skipping class and registering on temporary delinquent program seriously, m home for work (plus sum fun). It was a great 7 days of short unplanned break but intentionally done for several reasons. I was back to peninsular for my final year project and internship interview. Thanks to Dew2 and friends for sending me off at d airport d othr day :) sure all famished with burgers (I shall noe myself). This is going to be a long post of d day so bare wimme people. While people were sitting for HRIS class (obviously tedious) I was partially awake and become a lazy homo sapien as lazy as ever. First day at home, yeeeehoooo!!a short break from work and I’m sure it will turn up with so much fun (yes it was). However, it was d day for my brother checkups. Well, we have lil blood errand (my adik was goin to refill his blood,lol). Guess what, I waited for 8 hours (as per flight to UK) gosh. I felt like having a Carpal Turner Syndrome. The bad part was, hospital wifi blocked media based web site. Seriously!!!! We’re talking bout sitting on d chair with lil ergonomic features for 8 hours. Sure my tummy singing “back to December”. It ended very late because therz sum problem with d blood checking procedures. Heishhhh..

As for my lil bro birthday, we had a day out. No parents!! We watched Adjustment Bureu (starring by my 23rd bf, Matt Damon, awwww so hot). Then we have a lunch at pizza! Ths is d best part because I saw my lecturer which I believed supposed to be miles away across south east china sea. Damn, Dr Tan!!watcha doin in KL. It was funny and he say hi to us. Our favorite Dr Tan ,lol. I was of course being a 4G fer a moment by sending text messages to my girls (gosh, I met my lecturer having lunch at d same restaurant dat I’m in). Yeah, and d next day we held a birthday party for my lil bro. Secret recipe was big enough till I felt my intestine was stuck with choc fudge. Jeez!!! It was d best day ever in fact of being extremely famished. I managed to get my questionnaire back!yeay.

BTW above all of those crappy and fun things dat happened to me THIS was the greatest I ever experienced. THIS, what I called “I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W”. was normal wen I jumped into d lift to 33th floor at multi purpose tower. It was a nice location, I saw old town coffe, secret recipe next to d building and it was damn close to SOGO. Now lemme tell u do and don’ts during interview. Everytime u hav one pls juz pls prepare!!!!read anything, because u need to crap something so dat dey will buy u. Okay, ths company was awesome, because dey gimme personality test and..and…AND..a CASE STUDY..dammnit! a case study, lucky I browsed smth and print it out a day before. One more thing wen u’re in d interview pls juz stay calm because if u’re to be panicked u can’t even swallow ur throat (fear of d interviewer will hear d sounds coming frm d throat). was d longest interview I ever had in my life. 2 hours man!2 hours!!! I was selling d best of me. If you were given a personality test juz make sure it was right one of yours, be sure to remember what your traits are. Just dun be afraid of exposing your weakness BUT u must have d skill how to manipulate those weakness to be your greatest strength. Never avoid interviewer eyes. I was there trying to make eye contact wiv her. My interviewer was a nice person. She asked me a lot of things. Really a lot,,huhu..and I was accepted to be an intern there!! Yeay…It was a tiring day,, I feel like pulling off my spinal chord and jumped into d coffin. Fhewww…

This short break ended up good, I’ll be catching my flights tmrw eve and I dun fell like goin back to college..huuuu..and d biggest thing is I miss atok hunky :) damn much. My heart ain’t brain grandpa..oryte, I’ll wrap diz things up. My 7 days was awesome, tiring but cool and I miss atok freakin much. I hope he’s on his pink of health!

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