Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome March

Its quite a sturdy day. I feel so compressed like being stuffed into a zip file (totally). I have a high level of anxiety due to final year project fever. Ths is quite killing me at d moment. You see to deal with reality of work life is smth dat u can't escape. This is not like sanction movie wher u hav to swim hell hard ad strive for oxygen. Its literary that way but wen it comes to psychology, those r d masterpiece of disaster. I'm suffering from backache since last week was a double mid-term combo. Sounds awful & nasty since i have to finish my 6 days stressed over theories and models. I'm beginning to feel like my heart & brain jump into d river. (cmon m still young and i dun need diz backache whatsoever)

Well, before i go whining more and more towards d unnecessary, i need to say one thing! Hello March and buhbye February..This scares me a bit, talking bout time wimme is like talking wiv ur hand full of grenade. Here come d best part today, love love love..huhu..dats all i can say..oaky enough bout that. :)

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