Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy Day-Presentation-Bone Cracked

Hello has not been ages but for quite sometime i have not been blogging. Simple answer, "I'm busy". According to d vacation stamp on d right box of my blog, I have around 3 weeks here. It shouldn't be a mirth nor mournful day when the time comes. I'll be leaving all d 3 years hardship and wonderful experiences. So do my girls..well, lets not be in a gloomy mood. Its Saturday, of course, weekend is d only time I'll be having a supernova internet connection. Yet, i still missing something..dat someone across d globe. Lately I have few bad lucks tossing it's jinx around me. I missed a few important text frm someone that i've been waiting for. Too bad, if its not sleeping then it has to be my phone is in silent mode. Funny thing, my rommie saw me sleeping with hand holding my cellphone. I'll wait again till he text me :) I promise! huhu

Speaking bout waiting, last Monday is d day that I've been waiting for. Final Year Project presentation day! Lucky me, Mr Phillip was my evaluator. I couldn't imagine getting another lecturer as my evaluator. That fatherly man deserve a crown for a very supportive comment. Way to go Mr Phill !! Everything seems okay. However I have to work out extra time since I have 4 report to compile. Its making me quite busy for a "supposed" relaxing day. By the the time my presentation over I can scream and jump till d cloud nine! Its the last presentation I ever had in university. I don't have to present anything anymore as a student !!!yeay!!!..I love presentations and i hate it too. Probably my lecturer felt tedious wen it comes for presentations. I hate my face either, for being on the stage or the rostrum talking things..well its over btw..they dun have to see me with my weird slang & debating on my cost benefit analysis. :D..

Last nite I slept at 8.30 pm till 6 am, I felt my bone cracked every-time I turn around on my bed. Seriously, d sign of tiredness. Fuhhh..I hope today will end good :)

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