Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter Season In Malaysia * I guess

I'd rather live in d cave. I dunno why lately my ears become so sensitive over certain decibel of noise. Well, as usual, m meditating in library. A week to go before exam week, i feel half frenzy with my fyp and I have upside down timing for my finals' revision. Life is complicated anyway, tho we nvr meant to see it that way. So, I need more positive cells for 2 weeks of survival. Stress will make you feel like everyday is PMS..*scary. Currently playing in my player is "california king bed-rihanna". Its a nice song, ever since rihanna become bad girl monster, i'm loosing my innocence over her. *seriously. I like her slow musics better than her nonsense whatever song. Now, Next to You by Chris Brown & Justin Bieber. I'm not really a Bieber fan, but I like few of his song. It favors me tho..:D but to be his fan. *HELL no.

Its raining outside, so I bet anyone can guess d temperature inside diz building. It feels like being in ice box. I nvr knew Malaysia had turned into a country of below 0 degree Celsius. In this place (called CAIS) sure it does. OH yeah I read ma friend's blog juz now. What captured my attention was her latest post. Hmm when I think bout it, I did make a few lines from there :D what girls say and what does it really mean. Of course, guys think it as simple as it just words. Sometimes when i think about it pinch girls just being to protective over her ego, some cared too much on not ruining their relationship, some just love to beat around d bush. Seriously where does it takes you at the end of d day. Sounds like point right?

And guys, *through observations, think they dun understand diz girl whatsoever languages ppl called. So, another code will do :D. I like that post, can I reblog it ..hehe..seriously girls n boys are d same species but it seems like they're cuming frm diff planet. I dun wanna make analogies, cuz my analogy always turn up to be aweful and outside, its chilly here, even typing can't make your fingers warm.jeez..and yeay..diz wednesday we have a farewell vacation at Damai Resort. I'll totally rock my day. Its my final sem n i wanna spend as much time as I could with my friends..:) and to someone across d globe, i'll definitely grow fat soon :) so mark your word :D ily!

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