Saturday, April 16, 2011

Part l: Suprise for Dewi

Happy Birthday to my gedix girl, Dewi !! I hope she had so much fun on her day, seriously its not her alone but US..we're being extremely gay and I ended up sleeping like a drop dead person. Birthday Part l, was awesome, I tot i heard Irene said "pls dun take too long, I have work to do" Yeah ryte, we spent a day at Bing! Oh yeah Martha juz cudn't stop forcing us to eat her beef lasagna. Damn, it taste good & hell I'm full :) This is d first surprise for Dewi..

I tot d day end soon BUT we're going insane for laser tag. The fun part was, we were suppose to tag our opponent BUT..we always shot one another, which in d same team. *rolling eyes*. Khad was havin a hard time since she bumped her head on smth. (sure d bruise will come out in few days) I love shooting Debbie frm d back cuz she's too busy confronting ppl on her forth. Pinky was screaming like a maniac everytime she run here and there shooting everyone.

It was the best 20 minutes finally I sweat all over (not really sweating actually). Seriously!!!A++ for laser tag & pls dun talk bout exams. :D ! Our trip did not end at laser tag, of course, its a hot day & u spent time running here and there in d dark to tag ppl. I'm thirsty man! so next destination was "ais kacang" hahaha..I love Swee Kang! I dunno othr drinks but I'll definitely order Jagung refreshing!!..
Well, onething dat i noe bout the girls, we had a bad decision making. It took us 30 min to decide a place to eat, a place to go, a place to pee..gosh! we're really bad at it ;) So here come d decision making session,,after a few minutes paused we decided to go for bowling. Oh diz girl really have extra mitochondria. Bowling was suppose to be awesome but our line always got reschedule & whatever high points dat we got was deleted. It was frustrating but again we're sweating because we laughed too much.
Finally, a place for dinner!! ( i noe diz will take more than half an hour..fuhh). Sharing planet?delizze?khatulistiwa?the spring?....=Kim Bay at spring...haih..I had a very nice nasi lemak there & i tot chinese dun like spicy fuds..hmmm...That's a very tiring schedule of the day. As a result, I had a feeble leg and all my limbs aches badly, haha..thats just Part l....

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