Thursday, August 11, 2011

Damn Cell Phone

To begin with, it was really a fucked up day..these few days i have unpleasant feeling bout more than dozen stuff in my head. I'm ahead of my own decipher, sometimes you don't wish it to happen but it did happen somehow. So everyday is like a deja vu. Anyway, life is pretty messed up with work. Yesterday was the worst day ever, proving that I'm ahead than my thought. I left my cell in d office so I only have my another cell which acted up at eleventh hour. There goes my stupid Samsung phone, frm LRT station all the way home d phone wasn't working. It showed "searching" on the screen. Couldn't make any calls nor send text messeges. I'm pretty pissed with d idiotic signal detection. I mean, I'm in KL afterall not somewhere in the middle of jungle. So, I smashed the phone and officially couldn't be used anymore (burghhh stupid cellphone). That wasn't the end of the story, because I only have 10 cent to make a call using public phone. It was sooooooooooooooo embarassing and shucks I didn't know how to use those lined up phone booth..(damn). Life is not fun anymore,wish I cud just fly away to Mauritious and stay ther like forever!

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