Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today Was A Fairytale

Greetings ! I know writing is now landed as my least thing to do. Despite of having micro time in life spent for my own self I'm no longer a person who can run here and there picking up fun. The phase of adulthood bites my tickling clock badly that I can't even consume a jazzed songwords anymore. So on 20th October I took a flight back to Kuching and even a day before my soul partially arrived at my lovely town. I really miss the place damn much. Too much memories and too much things that I've learnt. I met my girls :) who happened to gather earlier than me. It was all about excitement. Couldnt believe my student life is over yeah its really over. Sad to think about it but we only have life once so I'm gonna use it to the fullest. Great luck I sent off all my fella friends. We did so much great things back there and I knew it will never dimn in my lil frontal lobe. However, we've got more blank paper ahead!!
Having your both feet standing on that stage holding scroll, surely burst your tears, whether its the unseen cry or physical, it surely happen deep down in our heart. It wasn't glorious but there was a sense of satisfaction. "I did it"..I'm just glad I'm there and letting my parents seeing me with tears of mirth. :)
I'm now an HR executive, not a surgeon, pharmacist, lawyer or engineer. I knew I skidded away from my real dream but being HR make me feel comfortable. Though I'm a workoholic (i know) but I know this is something that I wanna do. Cheers everyone, happy graduating !

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