Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Too much Question

Sometimes when we think too much our head gonna blow with scattered alphabet. Skipping thing isn't a good thing either though it can make you away from it just a second. How does it happened, when you grow up very well but eventually something came out of nowhere screwing your planned change. How does it happened, when you're trying play safe suddenly things went out of control and all your childhood seemed fake. Sometimes people are too keen to perfection but a lil perfection doesn't bite do they? These are the perfect nightmares in some people's life. Technically its awful but it teach you the definition of being stronger. Shallow life doesn't give you scars but when deep life give you too much? (does idiom makes things worst?) However, no matter how much scar life had given you, it always gonna be a karma in your life. Have you ever been in a state of waking up jazzed with consternation? or you can't even sleep because you've been thinking deep and your head hurts. What does family means to you? Why does an angel turn to be a black sheep? How is that , when you noe everything but you have no voice to speak out? Do we really have to trust our relatives? How do you know when people sincere to you? Does dissapointment giving you an alarm?Too much question too lil answer.

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